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Use Case
  • Yacht marina

    Yacht marina

    Jiujiu Hong  rotomolding technology for the yacht wharf, water platform to ....

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  • Water on the airport

    Water on the airport

    直播秀appWater floating platform on the water project to the rapid development in recent ....

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  • Pontoon


    In recent years, the water pontoon project is also common, and its structures ar....

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  • Water treatment

    Water treatment

    Jiujiu Hong rotomoulding technology to produce plastic containers, with its acid....

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  • Traffic isolation facilities

    Traffic isolation facilities

    Jiujiu Hong rotomolding technology to undertake various types of traffic isolati....

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  • Textile printing and dyeing

    Textile printing and dyeing

    直播秀appJiujiu Hong rotomolding technology production of various sizes of plastic square....

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  • Sewage treatment project (septic tank)

    Sewage treatment project (septic tank)

    Jiujiu Hong rotomolding technology production of PE septic tanks widely used in ....

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  • Aluminum alloy installation profile

    Aluminum alloy installation profile

    Based on the dock pontoon, plastic pontoon aluminum alloy installation profile d....

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